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Tuesday, 8 June 2021 (2 weeks ago) 122 views
Name:Vmaker – Free Screen Recorder
Publisher: Animaker Inc
Genre:PC Software
Update:Latest version

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Vmaker screen recorder is the latest screen recorder from the makers of Animaker Inc. Vmaker allows users to record any number of videos for free without any time limits, ads, or watermarks. The best part about Vmaker is that all the videos are uploaded to the cloud instantly once you finish recording. So you do not have to worry about the size of your recording. 

Vmaker app is currently available as a chrome extension and also as a native application. Users can choose the version of their choice. 

The app is best designed for multiple use cases and is comfortably better than most of the screen recorders in the market. 

YouTubers can record engaging videos using Vmaker and can make use of some amazing features including frames & filters, 4K HD recording, System and Mic audio recording, custom background, video editor, and a lot more which enables Youtubers to create engaging videos on their YouTube. 

Educators can record video lessons, upload and share them with ease amongst their classes. Companies and Teams can use Vmaker to collaborate using Vmaker effectively. The software comes with workspaces that allow you to record, edit and share videos with all your teammates within the workspace. Users can also record their meetings for as long as they want without any restriction.

The automatic recording scheduler is a game-changer feature in the application. Users can schedule their recording and Vmaker does the recording for you. The virtual meeting assistant Max helps you to automatically record meetings. The only thing you need to do is to add him to the meeting invite and the recording will be automatically done. 

Once you’re done recording the videos are uploaded to the cloud dashboard of Vmaker and the recorded videos are available instantly regardless of the duration of the recording. Users can then edit the video, share it on social media, upload to YouTube directly, categorize it into folders and do much more effortlessly. 

You can signup and download Vmaker from their website or add it as a chrome extension from the chrome webstore. 

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