Dr Network monitors your mobile network’s signal strength and notifies you when you experience signal loss. It also provides you with detailed Mobile, Wi-Fi, System, Root & Battery information.

• Mobile Information :
This includes Network Operator, Sim Operator, Sim State, Sim Serial Number, Network Type, Network Strength, Call State, Data State, Data Activity, Device ID(IMEI), Phone Type, Country Code, Roaming Info, Mobile Country Code(MCC), Mobile Network Code(MNC) and Location Area Code(LAC).
• Wi-Fi Information:
This include Wi-Fi State, Wi-Fi Strength, SSID, BSSID, Link Speed, Frequency, MAC Address, IP Address, Subnet mask, Gateway, DHCP Server, DNS1 and DNS2.
• System Information :
This includes your device’s Manufacturer, Model, Device Name, IMEI number, IMSI number, Release version, SDK version, System Uptime, Board used, Architecture, Hardware, Boot loader, Kernel, Kernel Version, Android Runtime and Fingerprint information.
• Root Checker :
It checks whether your phone is rooted or not and gives you the information accordingly.
• Battery Information :
This includes your phone’s Battery Level, Battery Health, Power Source, Battery Status, Technology used, Temperature and Battery Voltage.
Enabling this feature allows us to monitor your network’s signal strength and notify you whenever you experience signal loss.


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